So you know what the best part of an open source project is? is that anyone can contribute to it including you. ours is made under the MIT license and basically anyone can contribute to the creation of new features, bug fixes and much more...


Our system is divided into several projects that are all in our github organization. this because it would be very difficult to put all the code in 1 single repository about everything would be very messy. so see below a list with the main repositories and a description of what we have in it

What can i do

Here are some things you can contribute to:


One way we found to be able to create goals for the community was to create milestones on github for each repository so basically every repository on github has a new milestone every month, which lasts for 1 month. and in them you can find some goals and things to be done that we need to do in that time, there we try to make it as clear as possible what will happen, we count on you there, you can look and do whatever you want.